Our Executive Team consists of a group of esteemed professionals with numerous years of experience in various areas of Staffing & Recruiting, Mergers & Acquisitions, as well as successfully leading companies from the start-up phase to generating millions of dollars in revenue. Golden One Ventures is run by exceptional leaders with a track record for operational excellence, growth and progress.


Eric Allison

Managing Partner

Eric is a serial entrepreneur with a high degree of experience in both Mergers & Acquisitions and Staffing & Recruiting, with over 30 years of industry knowledge and expertise. Having been a Staffing firm owner multiple times over, Eric has an in-depth understanding of both the buy-side and sell-side of M&A.

Eric has a proven track record as a global staffing executive, having owned and founded various Staffing & Recruiting firms such as Allison & Associates, Parallel Consulting, a technology staffing firm that he grew from 0 to $32 million in 2 years, Pulse Healthcare Staffing, Mobile Medical Staffing, and Global Response; additionally, having lead and grown, AppleOne, where he built the first IT Staffing Division, and was the head of 4 branch offices, and Hall Kinion, now KForce, which he managed to grow the business units from $3MM to just under $20MM in 3 years. From the success Eric gained through founding and selling his own Staffing & Recruiting firms, he began his own advisory as Managing Director at Golden One Ventures.

Today, Eric is widely prominent in the Staffing & Recruiting industry as a dynamic and passionate visionary with remarkable M&A instincts targeted at achieving lucrative strategies. He has completed multiple cross-border M&A transactions in the US and Asia and is a valued member of Staffing Industry Analysts, American Staffing Association, TechServe Alliance and Alliance of Merger & Acquisitions Advisors.

About Wayne

With over 2 decades of experience in the Staffing and Recruiting industry, Wayne Voris has become an incredibly accomplished and respected executive. He served as vice president in Spherion for 16 years wherein he oversaw the Professional Services Group. Wayne has also been running his real-estate and land-development company, Voris, for the past 23 years.

Wayne is considered by many to be an exemplary staffing industry executive who has helped build and expand multiple companies. His meticulous nature and charismatic demeanor has helped him win over the unwavering trust of several clients. As Partner at Golden One Ventures, Wayne is instrumental in the facilitation of M&A transactions and providing strategic, articulate advisory to the firm’s clients.

About Robert

Bob has held varied roles within the Staffing & Recruiting Industry, from owning his own staffing firm, Management Resources, which catered to the Light Industrial, Finance and Administrative staffing to being the President of Prosperity Funding, which he began as a start-up and grew into a multi-million dollar lender to the staffing industry. From operating his own firm, he has had an accomplished career of funding and financing staffing firms in their payroll and AR needs. With this deep expertise of the industry, he has been a trusted strategic advisor of countless staffing firms.

Bob’s business acumen and excellent client relationship capabilities has helped build hundreds of staffing firms over the last 30 years. As he ventured into M&A advisory, he has then served as an invaluable counselor in propelling business growth and executing deals. At Golden One Ventures, Bob builds and maintains relationships with clients and key personnel of customer companies, ensures client satisfaction, and determines opportunities for further business.

About Cybill

Cybill is an inspirational and innovative leader with extensive experience in M&A for the Staffing and Recruiting Industry. She has a broad and successful career having been a manager, a realtor and an entrepreneur. She owned and operated a Healthcare Staffing RPO sourcing nurses and locum tenens physicians which was acquired in 2017.

Known as the backbone of the firm, she leads the operations of Golden One Ventures having duties that encompass leadership of the back-office, marketing and business development. Her work is instrumental in the growth of the company having built intuitive workflows, automation and processes. She currently holds an International Mergers and Acquisitions Expert charter issued by the Institute of Mergers, Acquisitions & Alliances (Vienna, Austria).

About Matthew

With nearly 25 years of experience in the computer science industry, Matthew Shelley is a distinguished Tech Founder and IT Director with a diverse expertise in coding, design, website development, program and software development and more. Matt has served as Senior Developer Team Lead of Deutsche Bank where he led the Equities E-Commerce department based in central London. He has since assisted multiple companies in bolstering their digital footprints and streamlining operations and workflows with the use of the most up-to-date technologies.

He has developed trailblazing new websites and applications such as Launch That Website, Reheat.ie, and Make Contact with his proficiency in synergizing marketing, sales and IT. Many consider him a genius for his top-notch work in digital marketing with several global brands. As IT Director at Golden One Ventures, Matthew will be in charge of developing a world-class strategy and execution of the company’s technological landscape, in line with the company’s continuous efforts to consistently improve and make use of technology towards better service.


About Janelle

Six years of experience in the workforce has equipped Janelle with an amassed knowledge of the Staffing & Recruitment industry. Her exposure to different markets has given her an outstanding skillset and comprehensive understanding of the operations role. Prior to entering Golden One Ventures, Janelle gained experience in marketing, operations, and design from an M&A and accounting firm.

As Operations Manager, Janelle is in charge of analyzing the organizational processes, overseeing the quality of the company’s services, and setting training standards on behalf of the executives.

About Amanda

Amanda has eight years of diverse marketing expertise with knowledge in brand activations, account management, and content creation. Prior to joining Golden One Ventures, Amanda has worked with a wide array of clients from pharmaceutical companies to media agencies, and now, Mergers and Acquisitions.

As Corporate Communications Manager, she is in charge of overseeing internal and external communications for the company and is instrumental in ensuring that all marketing efforts are in line with the company’s vision and branding.

About Sef

Sef’s six years of experience in PR, graphic design, production, and copywriting have undoubtedly paid off, earning him national and international recognition for his impeccable work. He has worked with clients in various fields, ranging from government institutions to leading technology companies, and now, to Mergers and Acquisitions.

As the firm’s Senior Graphic Designer, Sef is vital in creating the team’s overall design strategy and ensuring that all materials are in line with the company’s business objectives.

About Stephanie

Steph’s Masteral Degree and six years of experience in the industry has given her an amassed knowledge of human resources and psychology. Her work with clients from various categories has given her a comprehensive understanding of how to work with different sets of people from different companies.

As Executive Administrator, Stephanie plays a critical role in the company as she facilitates research, conducts reports, oversees the office budget, and prepares agendas on the company executives’ behalf.

About Kaila

With over four years of experience, Kaila has extensive knowledge in Sales and Marketing, particularly in retail, staffing, and now M&A. Her experience as a Sales and Marketing Specialist and a Research Analyst proves to be extremely valuable to the company.

As Client Relations Associate, Kaila is in charge of building new and meaningful relationships with clients, ensuring all clients’ needs and wants are consistently satisfied, and efficiently resolving any client concerns.

About Crista

Crista has shared her undeniable talent in research and analysis with over six companies in the past four years. Her experience as a Senior Brand Strategist, Marketing Head, and Content Producer has equipped her with extensive knowledge and expertise, particularly in designing, modifying, and implementing business solutions for media agencies and clients alike.

As a Junior Analyst, Crista aids in gathering information about market share possibilities, looking into the company’s competitors, and identifying potential target companies based on in-depth research and analysis.

About Kristian

For the past ten years, Ian has graced 5 companies with his exceptional design skills. He is proficient in front-end web design including CSS, Javascript, Jquery, and HTML. Ian also has firsthand experience in creating outstanding motion graphics.

As a Graphic Designer, Ian is in charge of conceptualizing and executing creative material for the company.

About Celina

Celina is a remarkable writer who has extensive knowledge of Integrated Marketing Communications. Her experience with media agencies and retail clients have equipped her with appropriate knowledge and expertise in marketing and web content creation.

As Corporate Communications Associate, she aids in creating and maintaining positive relationships with clients and the public via media outlets, developing possible marketing strategies, and creating content on the company’s behalf.

About Daniel

For the past six years, Danny has graced over six companies with his irreprochable graphic design work. He has worked with a wide array of agencies which has equipped him with an outstanding skill set including illustrations, layout design, photography, and photo manipulation.

As a Graphic Designer, Danny is in charge of conceptualizing and executing creative material for the company.

About Christian

Thirteen years of working experience all over the globe has helped mold Chris into the versatile and outstanding operations professional that he is today. His exposure to different markets has provided him with excellent critical-thinking skills and a firmer grasp on the Operations role in the Staffing & Recruitment Industry.

As Client Relations Associate, Chris is in charge of building new and meaningful relationships with clients, ensuring all clients' needs and wants are consistently satisfied, and efficiently resolving any client concerns.