Summary: What You Should Look for in a Staffing M&A Advisor

Taking the first steps to sell your staffing firm can be some of the most difficult. Selling a company takes a large amount of time and effort that may derail your company’s optimal state. Having an M&A advisor in the sale of your staffing firm is a way to go to market without hampering current business operations.

You want an advisor that can do the following:

Source a large pool of interested buyers.

Though you may have a list of potential acquirers, a staffing M&A advisor will have a much larger range and network of buyers that they are certain are looking for what your company has to offer.

Protect your interest.

As a seller, privacy and confidentiality is key to keeping the important details of a deal under wraps. A successful advisor stands as the middle man between your staffing firm and potential buyers and provides you and your acquirer with confidentiality documents that ensure total discretion of the deal.

Seeking M&A Advisory for the Staffing Industry?

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Negotiate to maximize deals for you.

An M&A advisor knows that formulating a deal structure that works best for you and your acquirer will secure a deal that will maximize value beyond the purchase price and create a synergistic deal environment from start to finish.

Provide valuable resources.

Staffing M&A advisors are experts at marketing recruiting firms and can walk you through the process of packaging your business for sale to ensure your company is presented to sellers in the best light.


Choosing an advisor with expertise in staffing & recruiting.

Having an advisor that works in your industry is an added advantage, because of their niche-focused, targeted industry knowledge, industry-specific contacts and the understanding of the staffing & recruiting M&A deal flow specifically.

By working with an M&A advisor, you lessen the responsibilities you would have had to take on alone. Your advisor’s top priority is securing the best deal possible while giving you the time to continue on the success of your staffing firm.

Seeking M&A Advisory for the Staffing Industry?

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