Attract and Retain Your Best Talent

Creating a company culture that makes your top talent want to stay.

We live in a time wherein company culture plays a bigger role in retaining talent than staggering paychecks. Employees put high value in a good work and life balance. In fact, a study by Fidelity Investments reports that millennials entering the workforce put more value in enjoying their job as opposed to a higher salary.

With everything being blasted on social media nowadays, it’s easy for employees to complain about the company that they work for online. Having any bad press online can lead to difficulties when it comes to attracting good talent and can even damage the business itself. This is why leaders of companies need to work harder to create a healthy company culture to keep employees happy. A happy workforce equates to a more productive business, so don’t scrimp on creating an environment that your staff enjoy being a part of.


Be open to feedback from all employees

Regardless if it’s from your top managers or rank and file employees, be sure to entertain all feedback and show that you care. Let your employees feel that they are all of equal value, regardless of gender or race. Don’t merely accept the different personalities in your team, but find ways to give importance to their concerns whether good or bad. Regularly asking for feedback is also a great way to measure the overall disposition of your team.

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Extend company values to clients and customers

Be a company that cares, not just with members of the business, but also to your customers. Teach your staff to treat your customers the way you would like them to treat each other. Show them that the respect and values practiced inside the office has to extend to the people you service as well. This shows your employees that you are honing a working environment centered on care and respect.

Encourage positive relationships within the company

It’s difficult to work in an environment where you don’t get along with the people around you. Encourage your employees to socialize with each other, whether it’s through team lunches, celebrating birthdays or team building trips. When your employees are actually friends with each other, they are more excited to go to work, and are overall more productive when working together.

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Raise morale and celebrate achievements

Employees work more passionately when they feel like they are working for a purpose. Always make them feel like they are valued and appreciated by celebrating achievements, no matter how small. Give credit where credit is due, and allow your team to feel that they are a valuable asset to the business. This not only raises morale, but also motivates them to work harder knowing that they have an emotional connection to your company.

Any business is only as good as the people in it. In an age where employees frequently hop from one company to the next, give them a reason to want to stay with you. A healthy company culture equates to retaining great talents and leads to overall success for everyone.

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