5 Misconceptions About Selling Your Staffing Firm

The sale of a company is a pivotal moment in the business journey of any staffing firm owner. Whether or not you plan on making an exit from your business any time soon, it’s worth noting the following misconceptions that staffing owners may face during the sale process.

You Can Conduct the Sale Yourself - and Everything Will Go as Planned

Taking on the process of selling your staffing firm on your own can be tedious and time-consuming, especially when you are also trying to ensure that your staffing firm runs as smoothly as possible during the process. With the help of a Staffing M&A expert, you can focus on running your business instead of getting caught in the sales process, and juggling that between the work you have to do to keep your staffing firm running. With an M&A advisor by your side during the sale process, you’ll find their expertise goes far beyond finances and deal-making. Advisors are experienced and well-equipped for the M&A battle, they are ready to take on all the emotion, ego, and technical dexterity that come with working with business professionals.

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You Already Have the Consultants You Need

As a staffing firm owner, you likely have a pool of skilled attorneys and consultants on your side that get their work done in their areas of legal and business expertise, but it is unlikely they have industry knowledge in conducting M&A deals focused on Staffing & Recruiting. Though some legal consultants might have experience with M&A, it may not be enough to assist you in finding the most lucrative deal possible for your staffing company. Selling your company is a big step as a staffing owner, and it is a one-time deal that impacts your life and the lives of your employees. It is important to consider the risk of placing the responsibility of such a monumental deal in the hands of someone who does not have as much Staffing M&A experience as an M&A expert that specializes in the industry.

You Can Sell at Any Time

The M&A market can be incredibly unpredictable, especially in certain industries. While timing is important to a sale, it is possible that without meticulous research beforehand, you might miss out on your best window of opportunity. There are several factors regarding the economy, the industry, and the state of your business that plays a part in determining the timing of your sale. You might feel that you might like to wait, or you would like to continue on with the staffing firm because business is trending upward, and without realizing, miss your opportunity for the most lucrative sale. Working with an M&A firm that specializes in Staffing & Recruiting can help you make better decisions based on reliable industry data and knowledge, so you can determine when you should sell. Whether or not it is the right time, an M&A advisor will guide you through the process. And if you plan to sell eventually, the smart move would be to start preparing your business sooner rather than later.


Your Staffing Firm is Different from Any Other

As the owner of your staffing firm, you have the best idea of what makes your staffing company stand out from the rest. Additionally, you have a clear picture of the needs that need to be met in order for the company to run smoothly without your ownership. However, the Staffing & Recruiting industry is large, and there may very well be other firms that are just as good, if not better, than yours. Your M&A Advisor will ensure that you are able to secure the most lucrative deals possible, yet, in a large pool of buyers and sellers, it is important to keep expectations realistic and reasonable.

Selling Means Getting Only What You Want

Though you deserve a deal that delivers you a hefty paycheck as well as skyrockets any goals for your future, the sale of a business has to work for both buyer and seller. Many acquirers are sharp and recognize when a seller is being unreasonable, especially when a seller is only looking to hand-off the company instead of leaving it in a state that ensures growth and a good return on investment for the acquirers. The best way to fulfill your aspirations, getting a hefty paycheck, and coming to a substantial compromise between your staffing company and your buyer is to work with an M&A advisor that knows how to communicate and negotiate with buyers on your behalf. Your M&A advisor, while putting your needs first, will also be mindful of how to make the deal enticing for the buyers, and providing them with the assurance that the deal is worth the investment.

Owning and selling your staffing firm is a crucial stage of your role as a business owner and during the sale process, there are a handful of misconceptions you might encounter. The best way to deal with these questions is to take on an M&A advisor to guide you through one of your most important business journies. While nobody knows your firm better than you, it’s always worthwhile to call on an expert when it comes to selling your staffing firm.

Seeking M&A Advisory for the Staffing Industry?

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