Golden One Ventures is a Mergers & Acquisitions firm specializing in M&A transactions in various industries including Technology, Healthcare and Staffing & Recruiting. With presence across America and Asia, we are committed to creating deals that are advantageous to all parties involved by developing strategic, customized solutions for each client's needs. Our team of experienced M&A advisors have expert knowledge on the industries we serve.




We are involved in every step of the M&A process, from valuation to providing post-deal advice. Our team of experienced associates have local knowledge about markets and opportunities to help buyers identify the right acquisition targets. We assist in approaching shareholders and negotiating transactions, taking into account the customs and culture of each company. We tailor fit our approach to the needs of each client, both buy side and sell side, to ensure optimal success.

Our experience in handling cross-border, cross-cultural acquisitions, include:

  • Cultural sensitivities to the role of M&A in strategic development
  • Managing an M&A process in more than one language and across distant time zones
  • Divergent approaches to valuation
  • Managing due diligence in environments of sub-optimal transparency
  • Supporting and educating clients entering an unfamiliar jurisdiction
  • “Coaching” counterparties who have limited M&A experience Ensuring that dedicated, senior “on the ground” resources are available at all times to our client



We are highly devoted to finding the best acquisition targets for our buyers. From the due diligence process, to valuing benefits and disadvantages, to negotiations with potential acquisitions, we are dedicated to closing the best deal possible. We have developed relationships with a wide variety of businesses and are able to connect with potential acquisitions even if they are not actively looking to sell.


We are fully committed to coming up with the best deals for our sellers, knowing full well that selling a company that they have built is not always easy. Keeping in mind the company’s main vision and culture and capitalizing on their strengths, we appeal to strategic buyers that match each seller’s requirements and offer the highest valuations possible.


  • In January of 2016, my partnership began with a firm introduced to me by Eric which has been a phenomenally successful endeavor. In less than two years of my partnership, we have doubled our revenue, opened three new locations and developed two additional service offerings and plans to open two new locations in 2018.

    For anyone considering a merger, acquisition or investor I would highly recommend Eric and his team. Eric truly listened to my objectives and introduced me to firms whose values, strategy and culture were in line with my own. I could not be more pleased with my successful partnership, and I appreciate the time, effort and care that Eric offered me during the process.

    Managing Principal, Execu Source

  • I have yet to meet another person with Eric’s expansive knowledge on both M&A and the staffing industry. This knowledge proved invaluable when I came to him with the intention of putting my firm up for sale. I was impressed by his wide-range of connections as he introduced me to various potential buyers until we found what I believed to be the perfect match. Eric being a former staffing agency owner, walked me through the entire process and provided me with advice that could only come from years of experience in the industry. I highly recommend his services.

    President & CEO, Deegit Inc.